Table 2:

Studies of the MCA using high-resolution MR imaging

StudyPopulationField StrengthFindings
Swartz et al (2009)7937 Patients with focal neurologic deficits3TEnhancing eccentric plaque in patients with intracranial atherosclerotic disease
Xu et al (2010)7126 Symptomatic and 28 asymptomatic patients with MCA stenosis3TSymptomatic patients had larger wall area and expansive remodeling
Li et al (2009)7748 Patients with suspected MCA disease3THigh-resolution MR imaging can visualize plaque not seen with MRA
Niizuma et al.(2008)703 Patients with perforator infarcts3THigh-resolution T2-weighted images detected a thin plaque that did not demonstrate stenosis on MRA
Klein et al (2006)736 Patients with documented high-grade MCA stenosis1.5TFocal arterial wall thickening is seen on high-resolution MR imaging of patients with previously identified MCA stenosis