Table 6:

Summary of previous Pipeline series in comparison with this series

SeriesNo. of Patients/AANo of AA W Previous TX Failurea (%)No of AA Treated W Adjunctive Coilingb (%)Morbidityc and MortalityComplete Occlusion at 6-Month DSA (%)Control Angiography (%)Retx No of AA (%)Peri-Post-Operative Intracranial BleedingPerforator InfarctIn-Stent Stenosis All %/Requiring TX % PAO
Lylyk et al 200920,d53/6323/634/63 (6%)093%100%00010%/0
(37%)0%PAO: 0
Szikora et al 201021,e18/191/1910/19 (53%)5.6%94.4%94.7%01/18f00
Nelson et al 20112331/3112/3116/31 (52%)6.5%93.3%96.8%01/31g1/310
Fischer et al 20112488/10130/101)3/101 (3%)4%52%89%8/1014/88h02.3%/0
McAuliffe et al 20123454/5716/5712/68 (18%)085.7%98.2%2/57i003.5%/0
Saatci et al 2012191/25134/25111/251 (4%)1%91.2 %95.2 %8/2513/191j1/1914.2%/1.6%
  • Note:—AA indicates aneurysms; TX, treatment; W, with DSA; Retx retreatment.

  • a Refers to the aneurysms that underwent previous endovascular or surgical treatment, including the failed treatment, incomplete treatment, and recurrences.

  • b Refers to the aneurysms in which coiling was performed as an adjunctive treatment in the same session with PED placement.

  • c Temporary deficits not included.

  • d,e Six (d) and 9 (e) aneurysms of these series were also included in the PITA trial.

  • f Refers to the rupture of a coexisting aneurysm.

  • g Refers to an iatrogenic ICA rupture.

  • h Includes 1 aneurysm rupture and 3 parenchymal hemorrhages.

  • i Additional treatment required due to PED displacement in 2 aneurysms.

  • j Includes 1 aneurysm rupture and 2 parenchymal hemorrhages.