Table 5:

Six-month control angiography results in regard to aneurysm sizea

Degree of OcclusionSmallLargeGiantTotal No.%
Total occlusion (%)136 (93.8%)56 (87.5%)27 (90%)219b91.6b–91.2c
Still filling98320d8.4%
  • a One patient with 1 aneurysm died after the treatment; 8 patients with 11 aneurysms (9 small and 2 large) have not yet undergone the 6-month control angiography. Therefore, a total of 12 aneurysms (4.8%) did not have control angiography.

  • b Including 1 patient who had subarachnoid hemorrhage in the fourth month and was retreated with additional PEDs for her remaining aneurysm filling.

  • c Represents the ratio of aneurysms that were occluded in the 6-month control without retreatment.

  • d Seven were retreated. Seven of the remaining showed further thrombosis with resultant aneurysm occlusion, and 6 are pending the next control after the discontinuation of the clopidogrel.