Table 1:

Patient characteristics

Total (No.)25
HGPS mutation types
    Classic by phenotype and genotype18
    Classic by phenotype only4
    Nonclassic by phenotype and genotype3a
Total No. of scans98
Mean age at time of scan6.5 years (range, birth–14.1 yr)
Anthropomorphic datab
    Height-age<3rd percentile
    Height-age/chronologic age (mean)0.5
    Head circumference (mean)56th percentile
Types of neuroimaging (No.)98
    CT head43
    MR imaging head51
    Skull radiographs4
  • a Nonclassic progerin-producing mutations included: exon 11 and intron/exon 11 border.

  • b Based on CDC/WHO criteria, total observations N = 254 time points.