Table 1:

Clinical presentations of the patients

PresentationNo. of Patients%
Subarachnoid hemorrhageb31c,d16.2
Previous SAH from another aneurysm1910
Visual findings due to mass effect28d14.7
  • a Incidental group includes asymptomatic patients and patients with symptoms (excluding SAH) unrelated to the aneurysms treated with a PED (ie, index aneurysms).

  • b SAH from the aneurysm treated with a PED.

  • c Nine of these patients, 6 of whom were in the acute stage, were treated with the Pipeline as the first treatment; 22 patients had a PED in the retreatment.

  • d One of these patients had visual findings after the initial treatment and received a PED as a retreatment; this patient is cited in both groups.

  • e All symptoms (eg, ataxia, paresthesia, hemi-/quadriparesis, and so forth) other than those listed above, which may be due to mass effect and/or ischemia (such as perforator injury) and so forth.