Table 1:

Presentation and fistula architecture stratified by fistula complexity

All Subjects n = 25Single-Hole Fistulas n = 9Multi-Hole Fistulas n = 16P Value
Baseline clinical characteristics
    Mean age ± SD4.2 ± 5.3 y8 ± 4.5 y2.1 ± 4.6 y.0065
    Median age (range)1.2 y (1 day to 16 y)7 y (3–14 y)45 days (1 day to 16 y)
    Current or prior hemorrhage16%33%6.3%.12
    Focal neurological deficit24%11%31%.36
    Any comorbidity or risk factor48%22%63%.097
Baseline angioarchitecture
    >1 brain vascular lesion32%22%38%.66
    Feeding artery aneurysm(s)8%22%0%.12
    >1 arterial territory involved52%11%75%.036
    Any deep venous drainage40%22%50%.23
    >1 draining vein from any lesion48%44%56%.69
    Massive venous sinus dilation23%0%31%.12
    Any venous sinus dilation41%13%57%.074
    Vein of Galen dilation26%0%40%.12