Table 2:

Conventional MRI features in patients with pediatric CIS and pediatric MS

Conventional MRI FeaturesMRI at the Time of PresentationMRI at the Time of Diagnosis
Lesion location
    Gray matter cortex0023
    BG and thalamus02612
    Perpendicular to CC02216
    Internal capsule0127
    Abutting the LV00010
    Brain stem04412
    Spinal cord23013
    Optic nerve6020
    No. of T2 lesions in the brain (range)0–15–461–222–136
    No. of T2 lesions in the SC (range)0–20–70–70–11
Lesion characteristics
    Well-defined lesions4116
    Gd enhancement6116
    T1 black hole00011
  • Note:—BG indicates basal ganglia; LV, lateral ventricle; SC, spinal cord; Gd, gadolinium; CC, corpus callosum.