Table 1:

Patient characteristics

RRMS (n = 20/47)CIS (n = 27/47)
No. of subjects2020999999
Mean age at disease onset (yr)14.23NA12.99NA15.06NA9.37NA
Mean age at the time of MRI (yr)15.9215.92513.5813.5815.5815.529.749.4
Female sex (%)75%77.78%66.67%55.56%
    American black15%11.11%11.11%22.22%
Mean disease duration from 1st Sx to MRI analyzed2.11 yrNA0.27 yrNA0.37 yrNA0.1125 yrNA
Mean EDSS1.625NA1.83NA1.38NA2.6NA
No. of patients on DMT at the time of MRI15/20NA00/10NA02/09NA00/10NA
    Multiple drugs02/15NA00/10NA00/09NA00/10NA
No. of patients on monthly steroids05/20NA00/10NA00/09NA00/10NA
No. of patients on steroids within 1 month of MRI05/20NA06/10NA02/09NA10/10NA
  • Note:—NA indicates not applicable; EDSS, Expanded Disability Status Scale; Sx = symptom; DMT, disease-modifying treatment.

  • a Interferonβ-1a.

  • b Glatiramer acetate.