Table 4:

Comparison with other Solitaire patient series

Present StudyMachi et al11Roth et al10Castaño et al9aStampfl et al12
Number of patients3656222018
Baseline NIHSS score17.115.819.41921
ASPECT score6.6
Symptom onset to recanalization (min)302353277352289
Successful recanalization77.8%c89%d90.9%c90%d88%c
NIHSS score at discharge979.4
Symptomatic ICHb8.3%1.7%13.6%10%e16.6%
mRS ≤2 at 3 months61.1%46%50%45%33.30%e
Mortality at 3 months22.2%7.1%e18.1%20%33%e
  • Note:—We show our results with mean in order to favor comparison with other series. Only the Castaño et al9 results are presented with median. CS indicates conscious sedation; GA, general anesthesia; ICH, intracranial hemorrhage; min, minutes.

  • a In this series, the Solitaire device was not always used alone (3 times after the Merci device and twice after intra-arterial tissue plasminogen activator).

  • b Depicted on CT (at 24 hours).

  • c Defined by TICI ≥2a.

  • d Defined by TICI ≥2b.

  • e Evaluation was done at discharge.