Demographic data, MR imaging gray matter/total intracranial volume ratio, Mini-Mental State Examination, and neuropsychological test (CERAD-NAB) parametersa

CharacteristicsControl MeanControl SDMCI MeanMCI SDAD MeanAD SD
Age (yr)71.619.270.8310.170.399.9
Men/women9: 99: 99: 9
MRI TIV/GM ratio (GM fraction)2.610.282.820.422.860.43
MMSE (30)29.500.728.671.4924.56b3.45
Verbal fluency (24)c24.897.2816.06b5.0710.44b3.88
Modified BNT (15)14.560.7814.500.9912.33b2.50
Word list: delayed recall (10)8.281.606.50b2.302.33b1.45
Word list: learning (30)22.223.0619.614.2712.94b5.83
Constructional praxis (11)10.780.9510.560.789.39b1.91
Constructional praxis: delayed recall (11)9.832.159.392.064.28b3.44
CERAD total score (101)90.5615.8276.62b15.4751.71b19.01
  • Note:—BNT indicates Boston Naming Test; TIV, total intracranial volume; GM, gray matter; MMSE, Mini-Mental State Examination.

  • a Maximum scores of test subunits are in brackets

  • b One-way ANOVA (P < .05).

  • c Verbal fluency does not have a ceiling when administered using standard instructions as part of the CERAD. For calculation, a cap of 24 was placed on verbal fluency, which represents 1 SD above the normal aging population mean.