Main MR imaging findings in patients with HUS with neurologic complicationsa

Peracute (Day 0)Acute (Days 1–5)Subacute (Days 10–28)Late Follow-Up (Days 41–102)
Vasogenic edema of central pons0/25/91/50/11
Symmetric patchy subcortical/cortical hyperintensities0/23/93/54/11
Symmetric patchy or laminar hyperintensities of basal ganglia0/24/92/52/11
Mesiotemporal signal changes0/21/91/51/11
  • a MRI presentation of HUS encephalopathy at different stages of the disease (days of MR imaging performance after the onset of neurologic symptoms) presented in relation to all patients imaged at this phase of disease. Note that not all patients underwent imaging at 4 different time points.