Table 4:

Time efficiency of FBP and iterative image reconstruction techniquesa

Soft kernel3612.3 seconds38.5 seconds48 seconds
3 mm(2.9 img/s)(0.9 img/s)(0.8 img/s)
Hard kernel369.3 seconds39.3 seconds63.6 seconds
3 mm(3.9 img/s)(0.9 img/s)(0.6 img/s)
Soft kernel11020.6 seconds71.1 seconds105.6 seconds
1 mm(5.3 img/s)(1.5 img/s)(1.0 img/s)
Hard kernel11016.6 seconds70.5 seconds85.8 seconds
1 mm(6.6 img/s)(1.6 img/s)(1.3 img/s)
  • Note:—img indicates images.

  • a Calculations were done with a section thickness of either 3 mm (3-mm increments) or 1 mm (1-mm increment) in transverse reformation.