Table 2:

Mean image noise measured as an SD in Hounsfield units of images reconstructed at 3 and 1 mm

120 kV 100 mAs120 kV 50 mAs120 kV 25 mAs100 kV 100 mAs100 kV 50 mAs100 kV 25 mAs
3 mm
    Hard kernel
        SAFIRE I48.280.791.160.1105.2146.4
        SAFIRE II40.053.869.852.988.3121.0
        SAFIRE III30.937.755.541.570.2101.7
        SAFIRE IV28.129.339.833.852.194.0
        SAFIRE V19.624.530.623.739.078.1
    Soft kernel
        SAFIRE I5.96.711.
        SAFIRE II5.
        SAFIRE III3.44.710.28.110.315.4
        SAFIRE IV3.
        SAFIRE V2.
1 mm
    Hard kernel
        SAFIRE I75.0134.4123.9103.7175.1182.9
        SAFIRE II57.1102.8110.074.8146.0134.7
        SAFIRE III44.
        SAFIRE IV30.547.785.344.796.0151.7
        SAFIRE V27.623.648.028.959.2153.2
    Soft kernel
        SAFIRE I9.
        SAFIRE II4.67.511.08.917.720.6
        SAFIRE III4.86.310.67.715.922.6
        SAFIRE IV3.
        SAFIRE V3.