Table 3:

Inter-rater agreement of parameters not included in the scoring tool

Parameterκ95% CI
Inter-rater agreement <0.6 or lower limit of 95% CI, <.5
    Symmetric pattern−0.04−0.08–0.01
    Ependymal enhancement0.38−0.15–0.91
    Fingerlike + projection0.460.10–0.82
    Proportion of discrete lesions0.39a0.24–0.54
Not visualized on routine clinical brain imaging
    Cervical spinal cord0.720.42–1.0
    Dot-dash sign0.710.46–0.97
    Cortical gray matter0.360.15–0.58
    Optic nerve lesion0.48−0.03–0.98
    Optic nerve enhancement0.820.50–1.0
    Optic nerve sheath enhancement
    Extraoptic fat enhancement
    Extraoptic muscle enhancement
    Perineural enhancement
Not contributory to differentiating ADEM, MS, and SV-pACNS
    Frontal lobar location0.600.36–0.85
    Temporal lobar location0.810.67–0.94
    Parietal lobar location0.800.66–0.94
    Occipital lobar location0.700.53–0.86
    ACA vascular territory0.560.37–0.75
    MCA vascular territory0.800.58–1.0
    PCA vascular territory0.640.47–0.82
    Vertebrobasilar vascular territory0.730.57–0.89
    Cerebellar peduncle0.760.59–0.93
    Target lesion0.780.62–0.94
    Nodular leptomeningeal enhancement
    Linear leptomeningeal enhancement
    Dural enhancement
    Supratentorial lesion enhancement0.760.59–0.94
    Infratentorial lesion enhancement0.780.58–0.98
  • Note:—ACA indicates anterior cerebral artery; PCA, posterior cerebral artery; –, κ invalid due to low frequency of occurrence in ≥1 cell of the 2 × 2 table.

  • a Weighted κ reported.