Table 2:

Comparison of baseline characteristics between patients with and without spot sign

CharacteristicSpot Sign (n = 27)No Spot Sign (n = 130)P Value
Mean age, years (SD)59 (22.2)50 (22.4).07a
Sex (%).22b+
    Male23 (85)94 (72)
    Female4 (15)36 (28)
Admission blood pressure, mm Hg
    Systolic (SD)144.4 (30.5)140.0 (26.1).50a
    Diastolic (SD)76.7 (15.9)76.4 (14.7).93a
Mean admission GCS (SD)10.2 (4.3)11.8 (4.1).09c
History of hypertension (%)13 (48)33 (25).02b
Mean admission platelet count (SD)235.4 (85.5)246.2 (68.2).47a
Mean admission INR (SD)1.3 (0.8)1.2 (0.5).27a
Mean admission aPTT (SD)27.4 (6.3)25.4 (5.1).08a
Altered coagulation (%)2 (7)7 (5).48b
Antiplatelet therapy (%)6 (22)18 (14).38b
Mean initial maximum aSDH width, mm (SD)6.9 (3.6)5.8 (3.5).12a
Mean initial maximum midline shift, mm (SD)0.40 (0.4)0.18 (0.3).0004a
Mean time to follow-up NCCT, hours (SD)9.58 (7)11.28 (7.3).29a
  • a Student t test.

  • b Fisher exact test.

  • c Mann-Whitney test.