Table 3:

Comparison of interobserver variability (κ) of the OKM grading scale and other angiographic grading scales

Aneurysms12 Possibilities0.74This article
Flow-diversion stentsFilling grade: A, B, C, D
OKM scaleStasis grades: 1, 2, 3
Aneurysms4 Possibilities0.50Cloft et al, 20078
CoiledComplete, dog-ear, residual neck, residual aneurysm
4-Point Raymond scale
Aneurysms3 possibilities0.54Cloft et al, 20078
CoiledComplete, near-complete, incomplete
3-Point scale
AVMs7 Possibilities0.47Al-Shahi et al, 20029
Spetzler-Martin scaleNidus size: 1, 2, 3;
eloquence: 0, 1;0.70Iancu-Gontard et al, 200710
venous drainage: 0, 1