Table 3:

Comparison of capture rates of incidental thyroid nodules by methods A and Ba

Categorization MethodPatientsTotal
Method A (size cutoff)
    ≥10 mm5743%
    <10 mm7657%
    ≥15 mm2217%
    <15 mm11183%
    ≥20 mm129%
    <20 mm12191%
Method B (3-tiered system)
    Category 1, 2, or 33123%
    Category 122%
    Category 297%
    Category 32015%
    Not categorized10277%
  • a Incidental thyroid nodules from retrospective CT review were stratified by size cutoff (method A) and the 3-tiered system (method B). The nodules smaller than the size cutoff and in the “not categorized” group for method B would represent nodules that would not receive work-up if the methods were applied.