Table 2:

Survival in patients with thyroid malignancy in the SEER data base using risk-categorization methods of size cutoff (method A) and the 3-tiered system (method B)a

Percentage Total10-Year Relative Survival (%)95% CI10-Year Thyroid Cancer-Specific Survival (%)95% CI
Method A (size cutoff)
    ≥10 mm74%96.496.0–96.794.794.4–94.9
    <10 mm26%99.899.7–99.999.198.9–99.3
    ≥15 mm59%95.494.9–95.893.793.4–94.0
    <15 mm41%99.899.8–99.999.198.9–99.2
    ≥20 mm46%94.193.5–94.692.492.0–92.7
    <20 mm54%99.999.8–99.998.998.7–99.0
Method B (3-tiered risk categories)
    Categories 1, 2, and 374%96.095.6–96.394.694.3–94.8
    Category 139%91.590.9–92.190.790.3–91.1
    Category 213%99.799.2–99.999.999.7–99.9
    Category 323%99.899.7–99.998.097.7–98.3
    Not categorized26%99.999.8–99.999.599.3–99.7
  • a Nodules smaller than the size cutoff and in the “not categorized” group for method B would represent nodules that would not receive work-up if the methods were applied.