Table 1:

Patient details and presenting symptoms

No.Age (yr)SexClinical PresentationInitial CT/MR
145MCollapse, headacheCT/CTA: ICH posterior fossa, developing hydrocephalus
264MUnrelated stroke, incidental finding on imagingCT/CTA: small subacute ischemic area supratentorially, dilated abnormal vessels in the posterior fossa
356MCollapse, vomiting, dysarthria, blurred visionCT/CTA: ICH posterior fossa, developing hydrocephalus
465FTransient arm weaknessMRI: abnormal vessels with venous engorgement
565MAcute-onset headacheCT/CTA: SAH in the posterior fossa with ventricular spread, hydrocephalus
664FHearing loss, tinnitus, diplopiaMRI: abnormal vascular structures in the right-side posterior fossa
764FHeadache, progressive mental confusion, dysphasiaCT/CTV: engorged leptomeningeal veins
866MVisual disturbance and hemianopiaMRI: multiple congested intracranial veins
958MAcute-onset headacheCT/CTA: posterior fossa SAH
1060FSevere headache, vertigoCT/CTA: perimesencephalic SAH
1164MCollapse, vomiting, aphasiaCT: posterior fossa SAH with intraventricular spread
1256FPulsatile tinnitusMRI/MRA: abnormal vessels
1360MAcute-onset headacheCT: cerebellar ICH
  • Note:—CTV indicates venous phase CTA.