Table 3:

Diagnostic performance of the AUCR histogram parameters for differentiating ETP from pseudoprogression

ParameterAz ValueabSensitivity (%)Specificity (%)PPV (%)NPV (%)Cutoff Value
AUCR500.871 (0.757–0.939)
AUCR750.842 (0.741–0.922)82.681.180.978.20.25
AUCR900.879 (0.772–0.949)89.681.785.087.10.34
AUCRmode0.791 (0.677–0.892)73.179.779.172.50.16
mAUCRH0.901 (0.791–0.976)90.182.987.587.90.31
  • Note:—NPV indicates negative predictive value; PPV, positive predictive value.

  • a Az indicates the largest area under the receiver operating characteristic curve.

  • b Numbers in parentheses are 95% confidence intervals.