Clinical findings in autoimmune VGKC encephalitis with seizures

CharacteristicData (No.)
Patients seropositive for VGKC with seizure with MR imaging
    Age (yr) (mean)8–79 (53.5)
    Sex22 Males (52.4%)
Associated tumor (9) (21.4%)
    Prostate adenocarcinoma3
    Multiple myeloma2
    Colon carcinoma2
Seizure type
    Partial/partial complex27 (62.3%)
    With secondary generalization3
    Tonic-clonic8 (19%)
    With status epilepticus1
    Focal motor5 (11.9%)
    Subclinical/EEG evidence only2 (5.8%)
Additional neurologic symptoms
    Cognitive decline/confusion16
    Memory deficits13
    Sensory changes/paresthesias4
    Personality changes3
    Visual aura/hallucinations3
    Immunotherapy32 (76.2%)
    IVMP alone18 (56.3%)
    IVIG5 (15.6%)
    IVMP/plasmapheresis3 (9.4%)
    IVMP/IVIG2 (6.3%)
    Oral prednisone2 (6.3%)
    IVIG/plasmapheresis1 (3.1%)
    IV dexamethasone (Decadron)1 (3.1%)
    None10 (23.8%)
  • Note:—EEG indicates electroencephalography; NHL, Non-Hodgkin lymphoma; IVIG, IV immunoglobulin; IVMP, IV methylprednisolone.