Table 1:

Patient characteristics and procedural outcome

CaseSexAge (yr)SideOccluded ArteryTandem StenosisOther Extra- or Intracranial AtherosclerosisaIV rt-PAAdd-On MethodsUK × 103TirofibanAOL ScoreOnset to Puncture (hr)Recan. Time (min)FU Artery Status
First FU (period)Last FU (period)
1F89RBranchYesYesYesIAT140IAII3.6103Moderate (1 day)Moderate (4 mo)
2M49LBranchNoYesYesIAT0IA + IVIII5011Severe (1 day)Severe (12 mo)
3F85LTrunkNoYesNoIAT80IAIII17.538Severe (1 day)Severe (5 days)
4M59LTrunkYesYesYesNone0None015.2NAOcclusion (6 days)Moderate (5 mo)
5M53RTrunkNoNoNoNone0NoneIII1225Mild (2 days)Mild (3 mo)
6F73RTrunkNoYesNoIAT80NoneII1445Moderate (1 day)Severe (7 mo)
7M49RTrunkNoNoNoIAT80NoneI6.2NAOcclusion (5 days)NA
9M56RTrunkNoYesNoIAT, balloon60IVIII14.887Severe (1 day)Mild (4 days)
10F76LTrunkNoNoNoNone0NoneII21.742Severe (4 days)NA
11M70RTrunkNoYesNoNone0NoneIII1131Severe (4 days)NA
  • Note:— R indicates right; L, left; IAT, intra-arterial chemical thrombolysis; balloon, balloon angioplasty; IA, intra-arterial; UK, urokinase; AOL, arterial occlusive lesion; Recan. Time, time from puncture to recanalization; NA, not applicable; FU, follow-up.

  • a The presence of multifocal atherosclerosis at extra- or intracranial arteries.