Table 7:

Embolization complications by n-BCA and/or Onyx according to the literature (11 series)

Series [Reference]PatientsMaterialsComplication, %PND, %Mortality, %
Taylor et al [2]201n-BCA/Onyx21112
Van Rooij et al [4]44Onyx13.84.62.3
Katsaridis et al [5]101Onyx14.97.92.9
Ledezma et al [7]168n-BCA16.16.51.2
Haw et al [8]306n-BCA6.43.90
Panagiotopoulos et al [11]82Onyx19.53.82.4
Jayaraman et al [19]192n-BCA/Onyx15.71.60
Starke et al [20]275n-BCA142.50
Hauck et al [21]107Onyx1712.20
Velat et al [22]88n-BCA/Onyx13.64.52.2
Present study130Onyx17.76.90.8
  • Note:—PND indicates persistent neurologic deficit.