Table 1:

Summary of patients and SDAVF

Case No.Age, ySexClinical ManifestationExtent of Cord Signal AbnormalityFeederFistula Level
146MParaparesisC2–C7L, APhAFM
258MParaplegiaT3–CML, IAT5
375MParaparesisT7–CMR, IAT6
460MParaplegiaT8–CMR, IAT7
558MParaparesisT5–CMR, IAT7
678MParaplegiaT7–T11L, IAT7
762MParaplegiaT5–CMR, IAT8
875FQuadriparesisC5–C6R, IAT9
976MParaplegiaT6–CMR, LAL2
1083MParaplegiaT3–CMR, LAL2
1158MParaplegiaT5–CML, LAL3
1252MParaplegiaT3–CML, IIAS1
  • Note:—L indicates left; R, right; T, thoracic spine; L, lumbar spine; S, sacral spine; CM, conus medularis; APhA, ascending pharyngeal artery; IA, intercostal artery; LA, lumbar artery; IIA, internal iliac artery; FM, foramen magnum.