Table 4:

Coefficients for number of knockouts for the areas in which number of knockouts predicted DTI values after controlling for individual variation

ROIBoxersMixed Martial Arts Fighters
Corpus callosum posterior26.48−18.9−7.27
Corpus callosum central20.2818.19
Cuneus(L) −4.60
Inferior parietal(L) 6.56
Isthmus cingulate(L) 24.24(L) 19.25(L) 20.91
(R) 16.73(R) 22.61(R) 20.65
Pars triangularis(L) −7.61
Pericalcarine(L) 15.80(L) 24.26(L) 21.44
(R) 10.05(R) 15.92(R) 13.96
Posterior cingulate(R) 5.49
Precuneus(R) 8.34(R) 9.90(L) 6.63
(R) 9.38
Caudate(L) 5.72
Putamen(L) 3.30
(R) 4.74
Pallidum(L) −14.60(L) −10.10(L) −11.60
(R) −19.30(R) −18.20(R) −18.60
Amygdala(L) 12.38(R) 12.80(L) 10.12
(R) 29.06(R) 18.22
  • Note:—L and R represent the left and right hemispheres, respectively.

  • A coefficient unit is 10−6 mm2/s for LD, TD, and MD, and 10−3 for FA.