Table 3:

Selected model performance without and with clinical covariates for good clinical outcome predictiona

In All PatientsAICG2P Value
    Null model291.5
        A) Without any covariate291.71.796.1803
        B) With covariates291.32.247.1338
    Null model282.5
        A) Without any covariate280.44.080.0434
        B) With covariates268.915.613<.0001b
    Null model291.5
        A) Without any covariate291.32.255.1332
        B) With covariates285.48.116.0044b
    Null model282.5
        A) Without any covariate280.93.643.0563
        B) With covariates266.218.328<.0001b
  • Note:—Rel indicates relative to the contralateral side; Abs, absolute value; AIC, Akaike Information Criterion; G2, the difference between −2 L of the fitted model (transformed threshold) and the reference model (nontransformed threshold).

  • a Remaining parameters are presented in On-line Table 3.

  • b Significant.