Proposed reporting standards for future studies applying multivariate classification techniques to fMRI data with a diagnostic intention in addition to general reporting standards in fMRI research

Proposed Reporting StandardsDesirable Aspects of Study Design
Report of overall classification accuracies/generalization rate (in addition to sensitivity and specificity if applicable)Sufficiently large, equally sized groups (25 subjects per group desirable, but depending on specific methodologies used and power analyses)
Rigorous statistical testsSufficiently long scan duration for resting state fMRI (at least 5 minutes, evaluation of a potential benefit of longer acquisitions desirable)
Report of all tested models (not only optimized/best models)Systematic model optimization
Clearly identify inferential tests and explorative analysesWell-chosen and well-defined clinical problem
Clearly identify feature extraction and feature selection/weighting strategiesMultisite/multiscanner studies
Denominate origin of classification algorithms if an independent toolbox is used for pipeline buildingEvaluation of functionally/anatomically interpretable classifiers and methods with individual reliability measures
Good clinical characterization of the sample including demographic data (psychometric data if applicable)Independent validation set