Table 2:

Details of included MRI studies, scanned at ≤35 weeks' postmenstrual age

MRI ModalityPopulationTiming of MRI (wk)Main Findings
Structural conventionalCornette et al4150 Infants <37 wks35Major cerebral abnormalities were correlated to abnormal outcome at 30 mos; isolated PWML were not related to neurodevelopmental impairment
VolumetricBadr et al8459 Infants <37 wks31WM volume was correlated significantly to PDIa (r = 0.29) and MDIa (r = 0.31) at 18 mos
  • Note:—PDI indicates Psychomotor Development Index; MDI, Mental Development Index.

  • a Bayley Scales of Infant Development.