Table 5:

Independent predictors of hemorrhagic events in AVM size subdivisions of the no arterial perforation group

VariableβOdds Ratio95% Confidential IntervalP Valuea
Small AVMb
    Premature venous occlusion3.844.34.24–462.04<.001c
    Total embolic agent volume0.31.41.07–1.85<.013c
Mid-size AVMb
    Premature venous occlusion3.123.43.7–148.4<.002c
Large AVMb
    Premature venous occlusion24.23.2−10.001.00e
  • a Binary logistic regression.

  • b Small AVM, the largest diameter ≤3 cm; mid-size AVM, the largest diameters >3 cm and ≤6 cm; large AVM, the largest diameter >6 cm.

  • c Significant.

  • d A mathematic constant (no clinical interpretation).

  • e Nonsignificant.