Pre- and post-EBP characteristics of patients with RIH

PatientOpening Pressure (cm H2O)Time from EBP to Repeat LPHeadache LocationPost-EBP N/VaPost-EBP Blurred VisionPatching AgentPatch VolumeDuration of Acetazolamide Treatment
16.825.56 hoursOccipitalFrontalYesYesFibrin glue6 mL5 days
2N/A28.03 weeksRetro-orbitalPeri-orbitalNoNoBlood18 mLb
312.331.02 hoursRetro-orbitalRetro-orbitalYesNoBlood + fibrin glue16 mL5 days
47.831.024 hoursOccipitalHolocephalicYesYesBlood18 mL6 weeks
51.0>55.02 hoursHolocephalicHolocephalicYesYesBlood6 mL2 weeks
615.032.07 daysOccipitalFrontalYesYesBlood5 mL3+ years
710.824.224 hoursOccipitalFrontal and peri-orbitalYesYesBlood18 mL4 weeks
87.022.048 hoursOccipitalFrontalYesYesBlood20 mL6 weeks
98.022.012 monthsOccipitalOccipitalYesYesBlood42 mL6 months
  • Note:— N/A indicates data not available.

  • a Nausea/vomiting.

  • b Received follow-up care at another institution.