Table 3:

Subjective assessment of high- and low-SAR FSTIR images of DBS candidates by various readers and percentage of patients rated for low-SAR images being higher (L > H), lower (L < H), or of equal utility (L = H) for surgical planning

STN/SN Contrast for New DBS Plan or for Prior DBS AssessmentPutamen and GP Contrast for New DBS Plan or Prior DBS AssessmentTemporal and Parietal Lobe Assessment of Postsurgical ComplicationsVentricular Size, Shape, and Edge Detection for Planning DBS Lead Trajectories
Neurosurgeon 1L = H (77%)L = H (69%)L = H (100%)L = H (100%)
L < H (23%)L < H (31%)
  • Note:—L indicates low; H, high; CN, caudate head; GP, globus pallidus; SN, substantia nigra.