Table 3:

Age at diagnosis: Cox survival analysisa

(n = 550)(n = 550)
HR95% CIP ValueHR95% CIP Value
AVM nidus size (cm)1.051.00–1.10.0651.131.07–1.20<.001
Exclusively deep venous drainage1.260.98–1.63.0771.270.95–1.69.110
Venous ectasia0.830.69–0.99.0340.750.62–0.91.003
Central location1.261.05–1.52.0141.451.16–1.81.001
Lobar location1.040.84–1.30.7161.100.75–1.61.622
Posterior fossa location0.760.59–0.98.0370.720.49–1.06.099
Aneurysm related to shunt flow0.590.48–0.71<.0010.530.43–0.65<.001
  • a These are the results for Cox regression analyses using age at diagnosis as the survival time and stratifying by ethnicity and hemorrhagic presentation. The multivariable model includes all listed predictors.