Table 1:

High- and low-SAR FSTIR sequence parameters for presurgical planning or postsurgical MR imaging assessment of DBS recipients with Parkinson diseasea

Pulse SequenceTR/TE/TI/Matrix/Scan Time (min)Section Thickness/FOV/No. of Avg/No. of SectionsEcho-Train/BW (kHz)Refocusing Pulse Width (Default Value)/Refocusing Pulse Flip Angles in FSTIRWhole-Head SAR (W/kg) (Estimated)
High-SAR 2D Ax FSTIR (PD+T1w)b4s/12 ms/140 ms/256 × 192/5:303 mm/24 cm/2/308/ ± 15.81.6 ms (1.6 ms)/18001.5
Low-SAR 2D Ax FSTIR (PD+T1w)b10–13 s/11–13 ms/130 ms/256 × 192/7:10–8:303 mm/24 cm/1/24–32 (Interleave)10/ ± 15.82.6 ms (1.6)/first = 1100, second = 1000, rest of the refocusing angles = 1100≤0.1
  • Note:—BW indicates bandwidth; T1w, T1-weighted; Avg, average; Ax, axial.

  • a Magnet strength, 1.5T; RF coil: transmit-receive 1-channel head coil.

  • b Short Tau FSTIR produces T1-weighted for short T1 tissues (fat, white matter darker, close to null) and proton density (PD) weighting for long T1 tissues (CSF, gray matter brighter, far away from null).