Table 1:

Case characteristics

PatientAge (yr)SexPossible Imaging Leak SiteaPossible CausesSymptoms
1b39FLower thoracic spine; L4–5Lumbar fixation removed; Chiari s/p craniotomy; dural patch repairOrthostatic HA
2b59FMid- or lower thoracic; no definite siteChiari s/p craniotomy, prior traumatic pelvic fractureOrthostatic HA, cochleovestibular manifestations, personality changes, frontotemporal dementia-like picture
321MArachnoid cyst L1–L5; L2–3NoneOrthostatic HA
430MC6–T2NoneOrthostatic HA
5b32FL2–3NoneOrthostatic HA
6b37FCervical, thoracic, upper lumbarDural tear during pregnancyOrthostatic HA
7b53MMultilevel cervical spine; T6–L1Remote frontal head injury with LOCOrthostatic HA, cochleovestibular manifestations, personality changes, memory decline, change in level of consciousness
822FMidthoracic; T12–L1NoneOrthostatic HA
99FThoracic, lumbar, sacralChiari s/p craniotomy; Marfan syndromeOrthostatic HA, nausea with emesis
  • Note:—s/p indicates status post: LOC, loss of consciousness; HA, headache.

  • a Determined by the attending diagnostic neuroradiologist or the treating neurointerventionalist using CT or MR myelography.

  • b Denotes a patient who had failed prior therapy.