Table 2:

Multisite epidural blood patch procedures and outcomesa

PatientNo. of ProceduresAccess SiteLevels InjectedVolume Injected (Autologous Blood/DuraSeal) (mL/mL)Follow-Up (mo)Outcomeb
13L3; L3; L4C5–L3; C5–L3; C5–L360/2; 55/3; 6012b
22L3; L3C4–L3; C5–L360; 45/222c
42L3; L3C3–L3; C5–L350; 6512b
52T12, L4; L4C6–T12, L4; C3–L418, 20; 6572a
65T12, L3; L3; L2; L2; L4C7–T12, L3; C3–L3; C3–L2; C6–L2; C6–L420, 18; 55; 45/0.5; 65/3; 70/313
72T12, L4; L3C7–T12, L2; C4–L318, 20; 60/1.542c
82T12, L4; L1, L3C5–T12, L4; C3–L1, L325, 20; 28, 202.52a
  • a Data from separate procedures are noted by a semicolon.

  • b Outcomes: 1 = resolution without recurrence; 2a = improvement, recurrence, followed by resolution with subsequent treatment; 2b = stepwise improvement to resolution; 2c = improvement but not to resolution; 3 = transient improvement with worsening back to baseline; 4 = no improvement; 5 = worsening.