Table 2:

Clinical, angiographic, and follow-up data in 28 patients with 28 large or giant ICA aneurysms

Treatment strategy
    FD alone10
    FD + loose coiling18
No. implanted flow diverters
    Two overlapping flow diverters5
    Single flow diverter23
Technique adverse event
    Poor midstent opening1
Immediate angiographic results
    Partial occlusion16
    Neck remnant2
    Disrupted inflow jet and slow flow9
    Flow reduction7
    No change3
Clinical symptoms
    No change4
    Transient worsening5
    Overall procedure-related morbidity/mortality0/0
Follow-up angiographic results (n = 25)
    Complete occlusion18 (72%)
    Improvement6 (24%)
    Stable1 (4%)