Table 4:

Structure comparison among different flow diverters

TypeSize (mm)Braided MicrofilamentsaRadio-Opaque MicrofilamentsFlared EndMetal CoverageRetrievable
Pipeline3–5.54875% Cobalt chromium and 25% platinumNANo30%–35%Nob
Silk2.5–548Nickel-titanium alloy4 Platinum wiresYes35%–55%Yes
Surpass2.5–52.5 mm, 36; 3 and 4 mm, 60; 5 mm, 84Cobalt-chromium12 Platinum wiresNo30%NA
Tubridge2.5–6.5<3.5 mm, 46; ≥3.5 mm, 62Nickel-titanium alloy2 Platinum-iridium wiresYes30%–35%Yes
  • Note:—NA indicates not applicable.

  • a Braided microfilaments mean those main wires excluding microfilaments especially for radio-opaque usage.

  • b The Pipeline Embolization Device is not retrievable, but at any point up to final deployment, it may be captured and removed from the body.