Table 1:

Interrater reliability between 2 independent investigators for all imaging findings

Imaging FeatureReliability
Evans index (ICC)0.93
Callosal angle (ICC)0.95
Narrow sulci (κ)0.64
Sylvian fissure original (κ)a0.36
Sylvian fissure ordinal (κ)b0.62
Sylvian fissure height (ICC) (mm)0.89
Flow void (κ)0.33
Focal bulging (κ)0.28
Third ventricle (ICC)0.96
Temporal horns (ICC)0.80
DWMH (κ)0.67
PVH (κ)0.72
Focally enlarged sulci (κ)0.54
Aqueductal stenosis (κ)0.32
  • Note:—NA indicates not applicable.

  • a The original method to measure the Sylvian fissure.7

  • b Ordinal scale of 0–2.

  • c Calculated from Sylvian fissure ordinal and narrow sulci.