Table 1:

Demographics of spine ablations in chronological order

Patient #Age (yr)SexLocationSize (mm)Pathology
168ML4 lamina and inferior facet12Presumed DLBCL; mixed chronic inflammation on pathology
217MC7 pedicle11Osteoid osteoma
322ML1 pedicle15Osteoblastoma
466FT4 vertebral body/paraspinous28Leiomyosarcoma metastasis
550MC2–C3 neural foramen16Adenoid cystic carcinoma metastasis
217MC7 pedicle (repeat)11Osteoid osteoma
651FT10 vertebral body31Lung adenocarcinoma metastasis
754MT12 vertebral body15Atypical spindle cell tumor
323ML1 pedicle (repeat)15Osteoblastoma
  • Note:—DLBCL indicates diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.