Table 2:

Univariate and multivariate logistic regression odds ratios associating plaque characteristics with symptomatic carotid disease

Predictors of InterestUnivariate Logistic RegressionAdjusted Logistic RegressionaDifference in Univariate and Adjusted AUC
OR95% CIAUCP ValueOR95% CIAUCP ValueP Value
Max hard-plaque thickness (mm)0.220.10–0.470.85.00010.220.10–0.480.87.0001.5205
Max soft-plaque thickness (mm)3.982.02–7.810.87<.00013.731.92–7.240.88<.0001.6193
Ratio soft-/hard-plaque thickness6.402.44–16.800.87.00026.122.34–
  • Note:—Max indicates maximum.

  • a Adjusted for age, stenosis (NASCET), and sex.