Table 2:

Validation of the previously described model combining clinical and imaging thresholds to predict outcome in acute ischemic stroke

ThresholdPositive Predictive Value (%)Prognostic Yield (%)
Poor outcome
    DWI > 70 mL86.4a17.9
    NIHSS score > 20100.0a11.4
Good outcome
    MTT < 0 mL89.5a30.9
    Tmax < 50 mL88.9a29.3
    NIHSS score < 892.3a31.7
Combined clinical thresholds (NIHSS score)94.3a43.1
Combined imaging thresholds (DWI + MTT)88.3a48.8
Combined imaging thresholds (DWI + Tmax > 6 seconds)87.9a47.2
Combined clinical and imaging thresholds88.8a65.0b
  • a No significant difference in PPV between any of the applied thresholds.

  • b Significantly increased over use of single parameters (P < .0001) and combined clinical or imaging thresholds (P = .01).