Table 1:

Demographic and clinical data at admission

Sex16 M/9 F13 M/7 F
Age (yr) (mean) (range)52 (28–71)50 (26–69)
Fisher grading (mean)3
    Grade 1 (No.)5
    Grade 2 (No.)2
    Grade 3 (No.)6
    Grade 4 (No.)12
GCS (mean) (range)14.1 (10–15)
WFNS score (mean) (range)1.5 (1–4)
    No vascular lesion (No.)10
    Brain aneurysm (No.)15
Etiologic work-up (CTA and DSA)
    ACA (No.)6
    MCA (No.)(right 2, left 2)
    Right PcomA (No.)2
    Left vertebral artery (No.)1
    Left ICA (No.)1
    Basilar artery (No.)1
  • Note:—GCS indicates Glasgow Coma Scale; WFNS, World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies; ACA, anterior communicating artery; PcomA, posterior communicating artery.