Table 3:

ROC curve analysis of visual and automated collateral measured for discriminating good tissue outcome (FIV < 90 mL and PPS > 50%)

Collateral MeasureFinal Infarct <90 mLPenumbra Saved >50%
AUC (± SE)POptimal CriterionYouden IndexSens. (%)Spec. (%)AUC (± SE)aPOptimal CriterionYouden IndexSens. (%)Spec. (%)
Visual scoring (CS)
    CE-MRA.81 (.07)<.01b≥1.5386.266.7.67 (.10).04b>1.2736.490.9
    TOF.53 (.02).15≥1.53 (.05).52
    TOF + CE-MRA.81 (.07)<.01b≥1.5386.266.7.65 (.10).16
Atlas-based collateral index (CI)
    CE-MRA.94 (.04)<.01b>.68.7689.786.7.83 (.10)<.01b>.64.7087.981.8
    TOF.74 (.08).01b>.37.4375.966.7.86 (.06)<.01b>.38.5875.881.8
    TOF + CE-MRA.95 (.03)<.01b>1.13.8086.293.3.89 (.08)<.01b>1.05.7684.99.9
  • Note:—Sens. indicates sensitivity; Spec., specificity.

  • a AUC indicates area under the ROC curve with associated significance level P. Optimal criterion defines collateral parameter cutoff for maximized sensitivity and specificity by the Youden index.

  • b Significant.