Hemodynamic parameters that were used to predict the rupture site after the ruptured case was selected

No. of ParametersParameterNo. of Groups
1Low (TA)WSS6
High (TA)WSS3
High pressure1
Maximum velocity1
2Low (TA)WSS, high pressure3
Low (TA)WSS, high OSI3
High (TA)WSS, pressure gradient2
Low TAWSS, complex flow1
High TAWSS, complex flow1
High TAWSS, direct impingement1
3Low TAWSS, high OSI, high RRT1
TAWSS distribution, complex flow, flow diversion1
Direct impingement, pressure gradient, high WSS1
  • Note:—TAWSS indicates time-averaged WSS values; (TA)WSS, both steady-state as well as time-dependent results.