Table 2:

Classification accuracy between patients with MHE and NHE using a single Bayesian network

Voxelwise Threshold and Classification NetworkAccuracySensitivitySpecificity
MD alone
    0 SD above mean value78.5%75.9%80.6%
    0.25 SD above mean value80.0%75.9%83.3%
    0.50 SD above mean value75.4%58.6%88.9%
    0.75 SD above mean value81.5%65.5%94.4%
    1.0 SD above mean value80.0%62.1%94.4%
FA alone
    0 SD below mean value84.6%75.9%91.7%
    0.25 SD below mean value83.1%79.3%86.1%
    0.50 SD below mean value89.2%86.2%91.7%
    0.75 SD below mean value92.3%100%86.1%
    1.0 SD below mean value86.2%72.4%97.2%