Table 3:

Prediction of favorable clinical outcome and hemorrhagic transformation

AIC−2 (Log-Likelihood)R2aAUCOR95% CIP Value
Favorable clinical outcome
    Model of SPAN-100 only316.64312.640.0540.5990.56–0.64
    Model of SPAN-100, CBS307.42301.420.0880.6760.61–0.74.004
    Model of SPAN-100, CBS, CBV294.09286.090.1350.7420.68–0.80<.001
Hemorrhagic transformation
    Model of SPAN-100 only342.06338.060.0190.550.49–0.60
    Model of SPAN-100, CBS339.39333.3920.0370.620.54.5–0.69.02
  • Note:—AIC indicates Akaike information criterion.

  • a R2 is the proportion of variability in a dataset that is accounted for by the statistical model.