ASL findings in 5 patients in whom brain death was diagnosed

CaseAge (yr)SexCausesASL FindingsCBF (Mean ± SD, mL × 100 g−1 × min−1)MRA
Extremely Decreased Perfusion in the Whole BrainBright Vessel Signal Intensity around the Entry of Carotid Artery to the Skull (± Level)External Carotid CirculationHollow Skull Sign
171MCardiac arrest++, Rt petrous ICA++10.0 ± 2.3NV
260MCardiac arrest++, Bilateral cavernous ICAs++8.5 ± 3.2NA
375FCerebral infarction++, Lt petrous ICA++7.0 ± 4.5NV
450MEncephalitis++, Rt cavernous ICA and Lt petrous ICA++7.5 ± 6.4NV
548FSLE encephalopathy++, Rt petrous ICA and Lt cavernous ICA++6.9 ± 2.8NA
  • Note:—Lt indicates left; NA, not available; NV, no visualization of intracranial arterial flow; Rt, right; SLE, systemic lupus erythematous; +, present.