Patient data

Case No.Age (yr)SexAneurysm LocationStent ConfigurationaInterval between DSA and MRAAneurysm Occlusion StatusScores of Silent MRAbScores of TOF MRAb
165FRt. ICA paraclinoidClinoid-terminal13 moNR4/31/1
275MRt. ICA-AchoASupraclinoid-MCA15 moCO4/32/2
374FRt. ICA paraclinoidCavernous-supraclinoid7 moCO4/41/1
459MLt. ICA bifurcationSupraclinoid-MCA1 dayCO3/32/1
545FRt. ICA paraclinoidCavernous-terminal7 moCO4/42/2
650FRt. ICA paraclinoidCavernous-terminal1 dayNR4/31/1
751FLt. ICA cavernousCavernous-clinoid12 moCO2/31/1
861FRt. ICA-PcomASupraclinoid-terminal2 daysNR4/42/2
964MLt. ICA paraclinoidCavernous-supraclinoid12 moNR3/32/1
  • Note:—AchoA indicates anterior choroidal artery; PcomA, posterior communicating artery; Clinoid, clinoid segment of ICA; terminal, terminal segment of ICA; supraclinoid, supraclinoid segment of ICA; Cavernous, cavernous segment of ICA; NR, neck remnant; CO, complete occlusion; Rt., right; Lt., left.

  • a Proximal-distal marker of a stent.

  • b Scores of observers 1/2.