Summary of LEA injections

Group and InjectionRefluxExtentDensityTechnical ComplicationsLEA Used
Group A: dual-lumen balloon catheter
    1a232NoOnyx 18
    2a142NoOnyx 18
    7a232NoOnyx 18
    8342NoOnyx 18
Group B: double-microcatheter technique
    9322NoOnyx 18
    10331YesOnyx 18
    11342NoOnyx 18
    12332YesOnyx 18
Group C: single-microcatheter (controls)
    13311NoOnyx 18
    16310NoOnyx 18
    18311NoOnyx 18
  • a Denotes a successful injection, defined as an injection with a grade >2 for extent of infiltration without excessive reflux (reflux score of <3).