Table 2:

CMBs on T2*, TSWI, and tSWI in the separate dementia diagnosesa

DiagnosisAD (n = 62)MCI (n = 80)Other (n = 33)SCI (n = 71)
Prevalence of CMBs on T2* (No.) (%)20 (32)13 (16)6 (16)4 (6)
Prevalence of CMBs on TSWI (No.) (%)22 (32)16 (20)7 (22)5 (7)
Prevalence of CMBs on tSWI (No.) (%)22 (35)16 (20)7 (22)6 (8)
T2* sum CMBs (No.)258b,c69c476
TSWI sum CMBs (No.)344b1017310
tSWI sum CMBs (No.)459c116c7912
Times more CMBs on TSWI than T2*
Times more CMBs on tSWI than T2*
Times more CMBs on tSWI than TSWI1.
  • Note:—AD indicates Alzheimer disease; Other, other dementias; MCI, mild cognitive impairment; SCI, subjective cognitive impairment.

  • a Differences in prevalence and sum of CMBs were determined with the McNemar and Wilcoxon signed rank test, respectively; analysis was made between T2* and TSWI, T2* and tSWI, and TSWI and tSWI. Ratings represent the median value of all separate ratings for all patients. All significant values are designated in the Table. All P values have been Bonferroni-corrected.

  • b P < .05 between T2* and TSWI.

  • c P < .05 between T2* and tSWI.